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Vegan Fashion Growing at Burningman

Posted on August 24 2019

Vegan Fashion Growing at Burningman

It's that time of the year again. Burning Man is here and thousands of people will create a Nevada city around a burning man centrepiece by the end of this August. We are looking forward to a communal living experience, filled with dazzling installations, and incredible art projects at the most intriguing cultural event in the Nevada Desert.

Burners put in a lot of effort in planning a smart wardrobe as the nights are dead cold and days are filled with scorching heat. Appropriate clothing is more of a necessity than a luxury to weather the harsh condition of the desert. Black Rock City  citizens are known for making some wild fashion choices in the past, and this year's event will be no different. From using faux fur scarves as an accessory to only draping scarf as a clothing item, from coordinated vests and accessories for day to faux-fur jackets for the night, one gets to see everything there. The artistic creations of Faux Addict will enhance your fashion sense while enabling you to look versatile and super cool in its super soft faux fur items.

As we pull out all stops to create a lasting impression on fellow burners with fabulous outfits, it is evident that fashion industry is changing and sutainable clothing is becoming the new hit. Faux Addict has gone a step forward with its top notch faux fur coats, scarves and other accessories and is successfully changing the trend.

Amidst the magic of playa, the best thing about staying in this city is that it allows the burners to dress up fascinatingly, dress down as hippies or anything in between which is an identification of its key principle - radical self-expression; So do you and spend the week dancing away in your Faux Addict faux fur of course!