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About Us

Faux Addict is more than a's a culture.  A way of life.  We want to reignite the passion in your life.  We want you to Love Again.  Dance Again.  Laugh Again.  Play Dress Up Again!  In a world of so much of everything, we aim to bring the love of life back in each of you.

Yes, it starts with Faux had to start somewhere.  Our love of fashion and animals inspired us to create Faux Addict. We are so excited to share our love of animals with you.  We hope our Faux Addict Tribe will help us build our campaign and stop animal abuse in the fashion industry. 

Faux Addict was born and is growing up in Los Angeles.  We support American made goods and will strive in every possible way to keep our USA factories alive here. 

We hope you join us and very soon #getaddicted.  Now go hug an animal or at least yourself!