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The Return of Mayan warrior in LA

Posted on August 06 2019

The season of music festivals is back and so is Mayan Warrior to electrify Los Angeles. Yes, the night of July 20th brought a gathering of hundreds together to dance under the electric sky on booming beats.

Now for the 2nd year, Mayan warrior was able to pull off a successfully rocking party at El Pueblo Historical Monument. From the stunning display of light to the crazy laser light show to loud music, the party was a dream for all the techno fans. True to its roots, Mayan Warrior represents the unique talent of Mexicans and Northern Californians and has an incredible lineup of artists, photographers, musicians, architects, and technologists.

The crowd, styled in funky hats, faux fur coats, headscarves, neon shorts, googles and what not was charged with the audiovisual to dance on the nonstop beats. To be a walking piece of art at a party as incredible as this, one can always play up with looks and take it to another level. And what is a better way of doing that than adding faux fur to your burning man costume. It is fun and if you add lights to it, it gets pretty cool.

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