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Queen Elizabeth II Bans Fur from Her Wardrobe

Posted on November 12 2019

Queen Elizabeth II Bans Fur from Her Wardrobe

Queen Elizabeth II becomes the first member of the royal family to ban fur from her wardrobe! Activists around the world praise the Queen for her decision to move towards a fur-free lifestyle. According to Neil Vigdor of The New York Times, the 93-year-old monarch has made the noble and ethical choice to stop buying clothing made with real fur.

 Buckingham Palace has confirmed that the monarch has shunned the use of real fur on her new outfits and from now on they will all be designed with fake fur. This 2019 winter season, the Queen of England will stay warm and stylish with the help of fake fur.

Queen Elizabeth II latest fashion choice to go fur-free sends a powerful message to Great Britain. Claire Bass, who is the Executive director of Humane Society Internationals U.K. division, states that the Queen of England going fur-free sends the powerful message that real fur is firmly out of fashion.

Humane groups also commended the Queen for her latest fashion trend. According to The New York Times, humane groups strongly believe her latest fashion choice to move towards a fur-free lifestyle greatly reflects the mood of British public and their stance on real-fur. Faux Addict salutes the Queen for her forwarding-thinking move towards a faux fur wardrobe. Now the question is, which royal fur fans will follow the Queen’s ban? Here at Faux Addict, we are confident in the fact that the Queen’s powerful influence will open society’s eyes to the truth about real-fur.   

Thank you Queen Elizabeth II for your noble and ethical decision to ban real fur from your wardrobe. We call all of you Faux Addicts to follow the Queen’s lead and shop smart this winter season with the help of Faux Addict! #getaddicted

Written by Katie Teresi