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Proposal to consider fur ban submitted in City Council - NYC

Posted on July 31 2019

The proposed ban on the sale of fur in the city that never sleeps has met an unforeseen resistance by the followers of different cultures and tribes. A diverse group of opponents including black pastors, Hasidic leaders, and garment manufacturers marched down the Townhall in NYC where the city council held an official hearing regarding the proposal.

The protests have been backed on the grounds of cultural traditions and it is argued that the proposed fur ban is an attack on the individual rights of people residing in NYC. The arose disagreement also stated that this bill will shut down small enterprises and family-owned business of fur manufacturers and sellers in all five boroughs, eventually affecting the economy of the city.  

However, the counter-protestors, mainly the animal activists and a few renowned celebrities shared the same opinion against this cruel treatment with animals for the sake of rich luxury. The City Council Speaker Corey Johnson, the prime sponsor of anti-fur movement in NYC, stated “I think killing animals for fur is morally wrong. We are more evolved and it is unnecessary. So many designers don’t use fur so we should focus on alternatives and stop killing animals just to make luxury items.”

With this ban, a powerful message will be sent worldwide from the fashion capital of world. A favorable decision will definitely be a crowning moment for all the animal advocates across the globe.  In this battle over the proposed ban, the bets are off but Faux Addict is surely on right side of the equation and hopes you are too!