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PETA sells $150 ‘Wool Hurts’ Christmas Sweater

Posted on November 18 2019

PETA sells $150 ‘Wool Hurts’ Christmas Sweater

Breaking news in the world of faux fur fashion! PETAsells $150 ‘Wool Hurts’ Christmas sweater featuring 3D ‘bruised and bloodied’ plush sheep. According to Hannah Frishberg of the New York Post, the limited-edition ‘Wool Hurts’ Ugly Holiday Sweater is part of a larger anti-wool campaign by PETA. PETA’s new and controversial Christmas sweater puts the ugliness of the wool industry front and center.

The anti-animal cruelty organization makes a statement for animals with this festive and head turning Christmas attire. Here at Faux Addict, we are a PETA certified vegan brand and we understand the painful impact that the wool industry has on gentle sheep. According to PETA, workers in the wool industry have been caught beating, kicking, stomping on, and killing sheep in shearing sheds. PETA strives to make a positive influence on the wool industry by pushing shoppers to switch to cruelty-free knits this Holiday season. This ugly Christmas sweater is made from 100% acrylic yarn.

According to PETA director Elisa Allen, “Ugly Christmas jumpers are all the rage, and this conversation-starter will make the point that what's really ugly is the way sheep are cut to shreds in shearing sheds”. Those who are not quite ready to make such a bold statement this holiday season can instead replace sheep wool with animal free-materials. PETA is also proud to announce that their anti-wool campaign is backed by celebrities including Billie Eilish and P!nk. Faux Addict’s mission is to provide vegan, cruelty-free, and stylish faux fur apparel. We are thrilled to learn about the progress PETA’s anti-wool campaign is making and we want all of our Faux Addicts to #getaddicted to faux fur apparel this winter season!

Written by Katie Teresi